Bridge notes


At the Edgartown Bridge Club on Monday, June 20, 12 tables were in play. Finishing first North- South were Mollie Whalen and Joe Ashcroft, followed by Deirdre Ling and Anita Persson in second, Louise Marx and Judy Maynes in third, Warren Morse and Gail Farrish in fourth, and Eric Stricoff and Rhonda Cohen in fifth place. Finishing first in the East-West direction were John O’Keefe and Ken Judson, followed by Vicki Aldeborgh and Abe Seiman in second, Barbara Alleyne and Julia Burgess in third, Lolly Hand and Diane Drake in fourth, and Barbara Piggot and Pat Devaney in fifth. There will be no game on Monday, July 4.

At the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven on Tuesday, June 21, 14 pairs competed in a special game. Finishing first overall were Dave Donald and Michel Riel, followed by Andrew Jacknain and John O’Keefe in second, Miles Jaffe and Jim Kaplan in third, Sari Lipkin and Carol Whitmarsh in fourth, and Dan and Nancy Cabot in fifth place. Beginning July 5 and continuing through August 30, the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club will be holding its Tuesday-evening game at the Tisbury Senior Center. Game time is 7 pm.

At the Island Bridge Club in West Tisbury on Thursday, June 22, eight tables began in play. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the game could not be completed.

The Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard has begun holding its Saturday-morning games at the Tisbury Senior Center. A complimentary continental breakfast begins at 9 am, and play begins at 9:30. On Saturday, June 25, nine tables were in play. Finishing in first place in the North-South direction were Deirdre Ling and Ed Russell, followed by Story Osborne and Don Nelson in second, Duncan Walton and Richard Eubanks in third, and Rhonda Cohen and Eric Stricoff in fourth. In the East-West direction, Jim Kaplan and Nancy Eppel finished in first place, followed by Joan Byrd and Brenda Davenport in second, Hester Boxill and Charlene Roberts-Hayden in third, and Julia Burgess and Barbara Alleyne in fourth.

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