Campground Chocolate is pure magic

Campground Chocolate, the new line from the owners of Rosewater. —Marnely Murray

The ladies at Rosewater Market in Edgartown have been busy. Not only have they maintained a deliciously successful business for almost a year now, they’ve slowly but surely created a line of branded perishable and nonperishable products at their shop. Everything from pâte, pestos, and spreads to their popular granola has launched their venture from a market to a full line of food products. Their latest launch, Campground Chocolate, is a set of three chocolate bars, including 65% Dark Chocolate with Spicy Maple Pepitas, 65% Dark Chocolate with House Granola, and 33% Milk Chocolate with House Granola.

You might be thinking, Why chocolate bars? Julia Celeste, who co-owns Rosewater along with Tina Miller, called chocolate “edible magic.” I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Chocolate, the food of the gods, has been revered for its health benefits and powers to improve your well-being and mood for hundreds of years. So of course it made sense to launch three exceptionally well-crafted chocolate bars. Everything from the branding to the chocolate itself is sublime. The branding is done by local Bluerock Design Co., the map on the chocolate box is courtesy of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and all the goodies in the chocolate, like the spicy maple pepitas and the granola, are made on the Island.

And mind you, these chocolate bars don’t skimp on the granola or pepitas. At $8.95 a bar, you’re getting a mouthful of deliciously made granola (in dark or milk chocolate). This special granola isn’t like your run-of-the-mill granola in a bag. Packed with oats, pecans, pepitas, honey, brown sugar, and spices, it’s heavily sprinkled onto the chocolate bars for a layer of tasty, crunchy goodness.

Rosewater Market’s focus on handmade food can be seen throughout the shop, and is embedded into everyone who works there. The care and detail that go into showcasing artisanal and housemade products, as well as the display and support of small food makers from around the nation, gives off an energy unlike any other. During the off-season, you may have spotted me between endless meetings, sipping on coffee and eating half a dozen pastries in a day. Now that the warmth has arrived, you’ll find me on the patio savoring a milk chocolate granola bar and an iced coffee while working on my latest article. I urge you to do the same this summer. Even better, grab a couple of chocolate bars, your closest fire pit, and make s’mores with chunks of this incredible chocolate.

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