Edgartown: Welcome to summer!


I’m sad to say I’ve spent the first two full days of my summer vacation sick! Doesn’t it figure? I think I was just on autopilot and in “go” mode for so long that when I stopped, I really stopped, and my whole body collapsed. I have barely gotten off the couch today. Thank goodness for a good book. But I feel myself coming back to life and am excited to drive Riley to work tomorrow, as he is employed in Aquinnah this year. I’m making it my goal to hit several different beaches this year, so I plan to start tomorrow, after dropping him at work.

The Art Buchwald Possible Dreams Auction, which benefits Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (MVCS) and its six core programs, celebrates its 38th anniversary this year. The auction will be on Sunday, July 31. The switch from Monday to Sunday, in recent years, has enabled visitors who may have to return to work on Monday to join in on the fun. It has also allowed MVCS’ staff to be on hand at the auction, either volunteering or enjoying the event.

Jimmy Tingle, auctioneer extraordinaire, will return, and is ready to sell some amazing dreams: 10 days in Burgundy for eight guests at Le Bon Ru and wine tasting at Chateau Coutet; two tickets to the premiere of Doug Liman’s new movie, “Mena,” with Tom Cruise with a $500 gift certificate from Stina Sayre; a fishing dream with Cooper Gilkes and Nelson Sigelman honoring Olga Hirshhorn; two tickets to a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers plus a $1,000 gift certificate from Kenneth Cole, two Hot Pit Passes to Daytona, and then an overnight at the Four Seasons at Disney; to name a few. Tickets can be purchased at mvcommunityservices.com/possibledreams.

Ripple is an educational and supportive group for loved ones (age 18-plus) of those experiencing substance abuse who are seeking an understanding of addictions and support. This group seeks to provide a safe space for loved ones to learn accurate and up-to-date information about addiction, recovery, treatment, and its effects, as well as provide support to each other and themselves in their roles as family and friends of those in active addiction or recovery. Ripple meets as a six-week-running series. The next series runs on Thursday evenings from July 14 to August 18, 5:30 to 7 pm at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Island Counseling Center.

Happy birthday wishes go out to my good friend Amy “Mama Ames” Baldino, who celebrated on June 28!

Now that I’m out as eighth grade class advisor, I have to admit that I’m dancing a little jig knowing that this summer will be more relaxing than last summer was. OK — honestly, I’m dancing a big jig. But … that said, Deb DeBettencourt and Erin Simmons are taking the helm as advisors, and the class of 2017 is up and running with its annual fundraisers, starting with selling food, drinks, and trinkets on the Fourth of July! They will be stationed, as always, at the Mini Park and Cannonball Park, and kids will be pulling wagons around with cold drinks and popcorn, as well as flags, beaded necklaces, and other must-have festive items. I think the kids will even be wearing some basketball uniforms, so that people can recognize them as the school kids by their traditional school colors, red and white. Hopefully they can add a little blue in there too somewhere, for the holiday!

On the eighth grade fundraising horizon: The 27th annual Garden Tour! This year the tour will be on the South Water Street/Dunham Road side of town on July 13, from 1 pm until 4 pm. The rain date is July 14.Tickets are $20, and may be purchased at the Edgartown School, Donaroma’s, and the Edgartown Visitors’ Center. Day-of-event tickets will be at the Mini Park on Main Street. Feel free to contact me at ggardnermv@gmail.com if you would like information; I’ll put a student or an advisor in touch with you.

I do hope you get the chance to go see the Hokule’a this week. The voyaging canoe originally set sail 40 years ago from Hawaii. More recently, she and her crew have been sailing around the world, using the stars to navigate. The amazingly knowledgeable Sam Low is the local liaison for the Island, as he has both sailed aboard Hokule’a and has a cousin aboard her now. The Edgartown School classes have been quite involved with her arrival, and will have kids and teachers up to greet them and share some of their Hokule’a projects as well. She will have already arrived by the time you read this, but will be available for tours and viewing at Packer’s Wharf before she sets sail again on July 1. She’s a magnificent vessel. Don’t miss this opportunity. To learn more, you can visit hokulea.com.

Though he was not an Edgartown boy, I would be remiss if I did not share my condolences and warmest thoughts with the family of Luke Gurney, who tragically passed away last week after becoming entangled in fishing gear. I had known Luke only slightly, the result of having kids together in preschool back in the day, but he was always friendly and kind. The stories that have circulated in the past couple of weeks have been so touching and beautiful. He was clearly one of a kind. Life is so busy. We get caught up in our “stuff,” and we can easily forget that our roots are still based on the water. It is still a huge part of who we are on this little Island, and a tragedy such as this truly pulls our entire community together. Luke may not have been “from” here originally, but he certainly was “of” here, one of those true Islanders that just happened to be born somewhere else, a huge part of the Island and all who knew him, and he will be missed.

Have a good week. Welcome summer. Don’t forget to give your friends and family an extra hug or kind word. It matters.