Real Estate Transactions: June 20-24, 2016



June 24, Ruth Haslam Wolfe, trustee of the Ruth Haslam Wolfe Revocable Trust, sold a lot on State Rd. to Dorothy M. Sullivan for $140,000.


June 21, Louis M. Cossutta sold 31 Ebens Lane to Samuel C. Decker and Kathryn L. Plasse for $40,000.

June 21, David Carlson and Catherine W. Day Carlson sold Lot 23 Hancock Beach to Sheldon M. Bonovitz and Frank G. Cooper, trustees of the North Shore Realty Trust, for $529,000.

June 22, Monique Lucas Conroy and Elizabeth Randall, individually and as trustees of the Intervivos Trust Agreement of Wanda Fanelli Lucas, sold 22 Blackberry Lane to Peter P. and Darelyn R. Neilley for $1,080,000.

June 22, James W. and Fiona T. Hornblower sold 18 Spruce Gate Rd. to Leigh F. Goldman, trustee of the Annapurna MA Trust Agreement, for $5,695,000.


June 20, Albert J. and Barbara E. Lindley sold 18 Mill Hill Rd. to Nicholas P. Bruno for $925,000.

June 24, Carole K. Walton, Personal Representative of the Kish M. Danielle Estate, sold 60 Old Purchase Rd. to John Tobias Ludwig for $530,000.

Oak Bluffs

June 23, Louis B. and Lisa M. Keyes sold 2 Fresh Pond Rd. and 498 County Rd. to George A. and Rashidah Bowen White for $789,000.

June 24, Dale J. and Jennifer A. McClure, trustees of the DJM Realty Trust, sold 11 Beach Tree Landing to Ginger L. Pratt for $685,000.


June 22, Chris Kakin Sze sold 104 Clover Hill Rd. to Fabiano N. Pereira and Alessandra G. Nunes for $563,000.

June 22, Dominique Penicaud and Margaret M. Penicaud sold 119 Center St. to Abby Ann Patterson and Henry S. Patterson, trustees of the Abby Ann Patterson 2013 Trust, for $671,625.

West Tisbury

June 22, Evanthia Robin Litts sold 119 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Ryan White for $275,000.

June 22, Lawler Walsh Parker, trustee of Old County Road Realty Trust, sold 690 Old County Rd. to Sea The World Productions Inc. for $600,000.

June 22, Lawler Walsh Parker, trustee of Cynthia H. Walsh Revocable Trust, sold 694 Old County Rd. to Sea The World Productions Inc. for $800,000.

June 24, Suzanne M. St. Andre sold 70 Otis Basset Rd. to Michael T. Houghton and Jean E. Houghton, trustees of the Houghton Family Revocable Trust, for $570,000.