Flying catfish spotted on Vineyard

The Piaggio Avanti II, a.k.a. "the Flying Catfish." - Soubanh Phanthay

This summer a luxury charter company is offering flights to the Island on an aircraft inspired by the Ferrari design house, but known for looking a bit like a catfish. According to a press release, SevenJet, a division of Maine-based C&L Aviation, offers flights to Martha’s Vineyard from anywhere on the East Coast on a fleet of Piaggio Avanti II aircraft manufactured in Italy and affectionately known in the industry as “flying catfish.” The nickname comes from the aircraft’s forward wing near the nose, a design element that gives Piaggios more cabin room than others in its class and three, rather than two, lifting surfaces, which add to its efficiency.

“Piaggios are a twin-turboprop aircraft disguised as a jet,” said SevenJet director of sales Pat Marano. “That means a smoother, quieter ride, but also less time in the air as they are faster than slower turboprop competitors. That saves time and money.”

SevenJet has been already been busy shuttling customers to and from the Island; they have more than 20 years of experience and an accident-free safety record.

“We operate flights year-round,” said Marano, “but seasonal flights to the area, which are new for us, have become a hot commodity as the summer season gains momentum and people want a fast, comfortable way to access the Island.” Travelers can also bring their pets to Martha’s Vineyard on SevenJet flights.

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