Putting the pieces together at Whatever the Outcome

Guests puzzle out the pieces of Nathan Shepard's painting. - Emily Drazen

The eighth incarnation of Craig Miner’s Whatever The Outcome took place Wednesday evening at Flat Point Farm in West Tisbury. The event was both a celebration of local artist Nathan Shepard and a fundraiser for the Plum Hill School.

Guests at the event enjoyed hors d’oeuvres made from Flat Point Farm ingredients and other local sources. They also enjoyed a raw bar stocked with oysters from the Honeysuckle Oyster Farm.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Miner had affixed magnetic material to the back side of one of Mr. Shepherd’s large paintings. Mr. Miner then neatly butchered the painting into squares and oblongs. These magnetic painting pieces were distributed to the crowd just before eight o’clock on the night of the event. Then the merry re-assembly — the signature activity of Whatever The Outcome gatherings — began. Attendees took turns putting pieces onto a big sheet metal canvas.  The pieced together painting depicted an osprey clutching a striper above a beach. It was an absolute crowd-pleaser.