Real Estate transactions: July 11 – 15, 2016



July 11, Jamison A. Wiggins and Hadley E. Wiggins-Marin, a/k/a Hadley E. Wiggins, trustees of the CDJH Trust, sold a beach lot on Black Point Beach to Henry P. and Flobelle B. Davis for $310,000.

July 15, Jill Goodman, trustee of the PG Nominee Trust, sold 69 Cobb’s Hill Rd. to Will Seward and Michelle Nan Kim Seward for $1,000,000.


July 14, Robert A. Tecce, Linda J. Tecce, and Gina L. Tecce sold 8 Teaberry Lane to John Maher for $500,000.

Oak Bluffs

July 13, Rita J. Beckman sold Unit 31, 21 Island Inn Rd. to Carolyn Huerth for $134,900.

July 15, Willington Savings Fund Society FSB, doing business as Christiana Trust, solely as Trustee for BCAT 2014-6TT, sold 128 Front St. to Serena J. and Jesse C. Ward for $379,000.


July 15, Stephanie V. Nasson, Alicia A. Nasson, Leslie Hewson, and Alexander A. Nasson sold 294 Norton Ave. to John A. Barnes and Josiane Hudicourt-Barnes for $490,000.

July 15, Gerard C. and Jacqueline A. Hokanson sold 56 Herring Creek Rd. to Cheri L. Cluff for $650,000.

West Tisbury

July 11, Doyle S. Rice and Richard D. Rice sold 27 Duck Pond Rd. to Jason and Marcia Carlson for $625,000.

July 11, Lisbeth Jones sold 170 Lambert’s Cove Rd. to Christopher M. and Hope T. Macleod for $802,000.

July 15, Mary Elizabeth Keenan sold 320 State Rd. to Mariposa Haeger for $485,000.