There’s a lot to love about Lobsterville

Lobster Scampi from Lobsterville Bar and Grill. —Marnely Murray

Lobsterville is tucked into the many restaurants of Oak Bluffs Harbor. Painted in bright turquoise, the walls bring an island vibe to the establishment. Better yet, the ambiance is relaxed and casual. It’s a place where you go to chill, grab a beer, and typically, some fried seafood.

But the new menu at Lobsterville isn’t typical, and neither is its chef. Doug Hewson, who has worked at a handful of Island restaurants including Black Dog, Offshore, and Mediterranean, has been here since 1998. “What I’m trying to do here at Lobsterville is give people choices they don’t usually find on the harbor,” Chef Hewson said.

That’s particularly true with items like Steamed Garlic Saffron Mussels ($15), which show off Chef Hewson’s French culinary background. The daily special is another spot where Chef Hewson showcases some of his handiwork with seasonal and local items. A new fish crudo is served up daily (at market price) and lightly dressed in whatever inspires the chef that day.

For appetizers, the Lobster Spring Rolls ($16) are a hit: sweet, tender lobster meat and fresh vegetables are wrapped in rice paper and served with hoisin sauce and ginger. It’s very light, but the flavors are a bright way to kick off a meal overlooking Oak Bluffs Harbor. If you’re in the market for something other than seafood to start your meal, I definitely suggest the Beef Tenderloin ($16), which is grilled and sliced over a crispy flatbread that’s slathered in a housemade Boursin cheese and topped with a tomato compote. The combination of flavors is spectacular and unexpected.

Entrées vary from the classic fried-seafood specials to salads and lobster rolls. One thing I loved about the menu was the “mini rolls” section, for when you’re craving a lobster ($9), clam ($8), or oyster ($7) roll, but don’t want an entire roll. These mini rolls would make a great sharing option for the table, or even an entrée if you get all three to taste.

If you’re looking for something heartier, the Local Lobster Scampi (at market price) is the way to go. A 1.25 pound lobster is split and sautéed “scampi style” with garlic, herbs, white wine, and butter, and served atop pappardelle pasta. Simple and delicious, this is the ideal meal if you’re visiting Oak Bluffs for the first time and want to dive into some delicious lobster.
Lobsterville is located on the harbor, at 8 Circuit Avenue Extension, and serves food starting at 11:30 am. It’s the ideal place to people-watch while sipping on delicious wine curated by owner Leslie (who only puts her favorite wines on the list). It’s also a great place to taste a variety of lobster dishes — because if you go to Lobsterville, you should be eating lobster!