West Tisbury: Friends of the West Tisbury library’s Book Sale


Two inches of rain here Friday night, a drenching downpour with thunder and lightning that sent us running downstairs to close windows and unplug the computers and dog fence. Mike lost power in his workshop, and we had no computer access part of the weekend, but all repairs seem to have been made successfully. We have returned to the wired world.

It’s been sunny and beautiful since the rain cleared out all the humidity. A brisk wind, more than a breeze, has kept us cool. We have eaten our first tomatoes. Raspberries are abundant and delicious. I have fantasies about freezing lots of extra raspberries to eat in midwinter, but they barely make it out of the garden and into the house. I have no self-control.

The “black” petunias are making a spectacular show in the urns in front of my gallery. There are plenty of the flowers I love for little bouquets around the house: green nicotianas, the softest cream-colored nasturtiums, orange cosmos, blue salvias and ageratum. Any daylilies the deer haven’t eaten are blooming in a full array of colors from pale yellow and pink to bright gold and red. Otherwise, an array of flowerless sticks reminds me of Morticia Addams’ garden, where she went every morning to cut off the blossoms, returning with bare stems for her bouquets.

Nelson is busy keeping our yard free of mice, while the dogs seem exhausted by the heat. They have their walk and a swim in early morning, then sleep for the rest of the day. We saw that the opening was cut last Tuesday, so there’s beach to walk on now. Hope the opening stays open for awhile this time.

Lots of birthdays. Mike’s was Sunday, July 24. We were invited to a festive birthday dinner at Bill and Betty Haynes’ with Julia Humphreys, whose birthday is the 29th. I just got off the phone with Janice Rattet, who has been busy cooking for the past three days preparing for her husband, Clark’s second birthday celebration. Part of the family celebrated together on the actual day, July 12, but a second party is planned to include Jonah, the grandson who was at camp; his mom, the Rattets’ daughter Jenny Schulman; and Maryland son and daughter-in-law Josh and Erica Rattet, with their kids, Maxwell, Dylan, and Brandon. Missing this time is granddaughter Anna Schulman, who is at camp the last two weeks of July.

Stephanie DaRosa’s birthday is the same as Mike’s, and she spent the whole day at the beach with coolers filled with food and drink, friends and family dropping by, music by her brother, Phil, and maybe another cake. The night before, Steph was surprised by her friends at a baby shower for her and James Bohan and their soon-to-be-firstborn. Steph’s mom, Candy, made the cake, a fantastic confection shaped like a baby’s basket-woven cradle with a sleeping baby, fabulously decorated frosting quilt and headboard, and little animals surrounding it. Candy is the best cake and cookie decorator, a gift she inherited from her mother, the much missed Ella Cullen.

Nancy Shaw Cramer is hosting one of her showcases of new work this Saturday, July 30, at her home on Looks Pond Way, off Music Street. You are welcome to stop by between 11 am and 3 pm to see Nancy’s latest creations, one-of-a-kind tunics, jackets, coats, scarves, and jewelry. There will be lemonade and a view of the pond, as well.

Sisters and artists Lucy and Julia Mitchell open their collaborative exhibition with a reception at A Gallery Saturday evening between 5 and 7 pm. There will be two new tapestries by Julia, based on drawings and watercolors of Lucy’s. Lucy will show sculptures and drawings. The art is a result of their walks and talks together, as both are interested in and inspired by the natural landscape.

The Friends of the West Tisbury library’s annual Book Sale begins on Friday, July 29, at 9 am, when doors open at the West Tisbury School. Books are half-price on Sunday, free on Monday. The sale continues through Monday, August 1. Hours are 9 am to 3 pm all days.

Our friend and book sale stalwart, Henry Bassett, has been staying with his grandparents, Bob and Susan Wasserman, all month. His parents, Sarah Wasserman and Brian Bassett, have been active helpers this year, and Henry’s younger brother, Hugh, has been brought into the fold, as well. They are all enthusiastic book sale workers and supporters, as are the senior Wassermans. Henry has also been volunteering at the library, and Hugh is batboy for the Sharks.

Mike and I saw Henry and Bob at breakfast at the Plane View Sunday morning. Their friends, Emily, Seb, and Jan Keegan, who come every year from Windsor, England, for the book sale, were at the table with them. The kids all run a lemonade stand on Music Street in front of the Wassermans’ house. They call themselves “the Lemonade Brigade,” and this year they even have T shirts printed up identifying themselves as such. The money raised goes to the library. They plan that this year’s profits will be enough to buy a brick in the walkway saying, “Hugh, Seb, Emily, and Henry, the Lemonade Brigade.”

We were there with Jim and Sandy Turner. It’s so easy for all of us to just roll down the road to have breakfast there together. Always a good time. Catching up on the Turners’ news, Sandy’s sister, Jen Allcroft, and her husband, Andy, are yearly visitors from Glendale, Calif. This year, their son, Ross, and his wife, Miriam, came with their 10-month-old daughter, Alexandra, a.k.a. Mini Muffin or just Muffin. Sandy said the days revolved around Muffin, “the cutest, smartest baby ever.” She also said, “The Toy Box was indispensable,” supplying an infant paddling pool, an inner tube with a seat, lots of toys, and great books. They hit all the Island beaches, and a good time was definitely had by all. Cindy and Jim Trish loaned them a crib, high chair, beach tent, and other essentials. The Trishes gave Muffin a board book, “Baby’s First Book of Stanford,” keeping alive the rivalry between Jim Trish, a Stanford grad, and Jim Turner, who attended UC Berkeley.

Babies seem to be the big news this week. Brenda and Neal Galligan are delighted grandparents of one of West Tisbury’s newest residents. Ever Wilde Galligan was born on July 20, a full moon baby, 6 pounds, 13 ounces. He joins his parents Paul and Emily Galligan, and older brother Aiden, at home on Eliakim’s Way. Gary and Jennifer Dillon of Philadelphia are his grandparents on his mom’s side of the family.

The Federated Church in Edgartown will host its annual House Tour on Tuesday, August 9, 2 pm to 4:30 pm. There will be a brief lecture at 1:30 pm, repeated at 1:50 pm. Tickets are $40. The tour will begin at 77 Edgartown Bay Road in Katama.

At the library:

Thursday, July 28, 5 pm, Shirley Mayhew and Linda Carnegie will talk about their new book,  “Islander: The Circus Comes to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Saturday, July 30, 5 pm, a conversation about Lyme disease led by Dr. Kim Lewis of Northeastern University.

Sunday, July 31, 9 am to 4 pm, Sew Much Time all-day sewing group meets.

Monday, August 1, 6:30 pm, Monday Night Movies: “Kung Fu Panda” for families; “In the Heart of the Sea” for teens. Free popcorn for everyone.

Tuesday, August 2, 10 am to noon, consult with the Mac Pro. He is at the library the same times on Friday mornings. Mindfulness meets at 6 pm.

Thursday, August 4, 5 pm, Tweed Roosevelt will talk about his expedition retracing Teddy Roosevelt’s trip along a branch of the Amazon River.

Spotlight on Youth, a concert showcasing the Vineyard’s best young musical talent, will be held at the Grange Hall on Tuesday, August 2, at 7:30 pm.

Keep watering, and keep cool.