Poet's Corner


Roots and Vines

By Linda Bergeron Freedman

Over the ocean they come by boat

Some with jackets, some with coats

They bike and hike and plan their day

To forget their troubles far away

The berries plum and berries blue

Are growing scattered out of view

The clams lay deep in their beds

As thoughts of eating them in your heads

Fried, steamed, or out of the shell

What ever you want I won’t tell

Grapes so juicy off the vine

Turns into a fine glass of wine

Oh MV island where did you go

From what we remember long time ago

To the large houses with widow walks

To the long ride around just to talk

What do you do, where do you go

One crazy traffic jam that’s all we know

The cliffs that spread their colors below

Are dripping to sea where ever they go

The history stories from long time ago

Told by the legends that we all know

Some happy some sad they say

Only to be told again some other day

Stories to be passed down from one to another

As told again to your sister and brother

Where is Jaws they ask about

Or James or Carly without a doubt

The colorful gingerbread houses so bright

Shine extra colors on illumination night

The faces are smiling all around

The wonderful place the MV campground

Come back and visit this magical place

When the cold winter snow is on our face

The ponds are now frozen cold with ice

But you bet all the traffic is nice.

Linda Bergeron Freedman

Born and raised here, Linda Bergeron Freedman works as special aide at the Center for Living Supportive Day Program. She loves her job.