REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: Aug. 29 – Sept. 2, 2016



August 29, David E. Vanderhoop and Matthew Vanderhoop sold 27 Aquinnah Circle to James F. Reynolds, trustee of 27 Aquinnah Circle Nominee Trust, for $1,290,000.


September 2, Nancy Abrams and Natasha Eilbert sold 36 Wintergreen Way to Oliver J. Rothschild and Tara Rothschild for $1,300,000.


August 30, Stuart F. Fuller and Mary Alice Sarandopolis, acting under the will of Wayland S. Fuller, and as trustees of the Wayland S. Fuller Revocable Trust, sold property at South Beach to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $50,000.

August 30, Charles R. Hogan Jr., individually and as trustee of Charles R. Hogan Jr. Revocable Trust, sold 5 and 15 West Cape Pogue Ave. to Charles and Catherine Laing and Peter Brooks for $805,000.

August 31, Lisa C. Belcastro, trustee of Lisa C. Belcastro Revocable Living Trust, sold 1 Flamingo Drive to Mehran Nasser-Ghodsi, trustee of Mona Bishlawi Trust, for $975,000.

August 31, Kathleen H. Lynch sold 94 Fifth Street North to John Conlon for $12,500.

August 31, Anderson C. Gomes sold 55 Fourteenth Street North to Maira Avansini Pereira for $380,000.

September 2, Herring Creek Acquisition Co. LLC sold 15 Butler’s Cove Road to Slough Farm Foundation for $3,500,000.

September 2, Karen S. and Boyd C. Ostler, trustees of Ostler Real Estate Trust, sold property off Cove Meadow Lane to William R. and Katherine C. Coughlin for $7,900.

Oak Bluffs

August 29, Richard C. Nelson sold 35 Bridle Path to Diane R. and Robert L. Lounsbury for $739,500.

August 31, Richard S. and Bettie K. Eubanks sold 106 County Road to Joyce L. Albertine for $616,250.

September 2, Daphne DeVries sold Unit 10, 4 Quail Run to Kathleen Patterson for $355,000.

September 2, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, holder of a mortgage from Michael A. Kelly, to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, sold 19 Dolly Lane to Herbert Jacobs for $340,000 by foreclosure deed.


September 1, Barbara S. Lockwood, Jonathan Schiebel, and Laura Kline sold property off Marion’s Way to David P. and Katrina B. Welch for $244,000.

September 2, J. Chester Gibson 3rd and Elizabeth K. Gibson sold 725 Franklin Street to Robert H. Stinson for $623,000.