Holmes Hole Sailing Association wraps up season

Escape won the 2016 Holmes Hole Sailing Association Jewett Cup for best overall performance. -Photo courtesy of Lisa Stout

After a summerlong dance with Tango, Escape won the 2016 Holmes Hole Sailing Association Jewett Cup for best overall performance. Both are J100s. Escape belongs to Tom and Laurie Welch of Oak Bluffs, and Tango is owned by Phil Hale of Vineyard Haven.

Although Scheggia, a Brenta 38 sailed by Tim Gollin, occasionally cut in on these two, the top few A Division spots usually held both J100s. Second overall for the season was Penelope, Mo and Pam Flam’s Alerion Express 28, a member of the B Division. Tango was third.

The order of the top three A Division boats this season was: Escape, Tango, Scheggia.

Penelope was the winner of the B Division for the summer, and seems to be setting the standard for the other Alerions in the fleet. Additionally, Mo will be the new commodore of the Holmes Hole Sailing Association. Second overall in the B Division was Stormalong, a Pearson 31 skippered by Jerry Goodale, the retiring commodore. In third place was Bow van Riper’s Vineyard 15, Tyche.

Sadly, the last week of races was a washout, but the summer as a whole furnished some spectacular weather for sailing, as well as for every other outdoor activity. Of 20 races, only three were canceled. Several new boats joined the fleet, one of which, Altius, Alan Wilson’s Stewart Knockabout, won the B Division July/August series. Fourth overall for the summer was another new boat: Tamu, an Alerion Express 28 owned by Tom Wescott.

Last Wednesday, Sept. 7, instead of racing, skippers and crew had a chance to rehash the fine 2016 season at an awards potluck supper, a fitting bookend to the June gathering that marked the start of the season.

Holmes Hole sailing will continue into the fall, however. The seasonal sailors will have flown, but there is an intrepid, devoted group that continues to compete until frost, maybe beyond. The winner of the Hugh Schwarz Cup will need at least five races with five entrants. All are welcome. Please visit holmeshole.org for more information.

The Times wishes to thank Lisa Stout for her weekly HHSA updates throughout the season. —Ed.