Poet's Corner: A Tuesday evening in Edgartown


By Rachel Alpert

A Tuesday evening in Edgartown

Six chimes elude from the Old Whaling Church bells

sonorously ringing in the evening overture.

A guitarist crescendos on the Harbor View packed porch,

each delicato pick and strum vibrates my inner strings.

I sit, composed in sweet harmony,

my attuned soul leaps and pirouettes to sole tapping

Ode to Joy!

Framing the singer, the harbor view portraiture

splashes its palette of color inside and outside my lines,

the lurid cerulean plein air vibrancy

shames the oils motifed in Water Street galleries.

Painted masts and blank canvas brush patina-like

past the white-washed sun-bleached one-eyed light

I am impasto into Matisse’s Joy of Life.

At seven sisterly sounds, I waltz down Water Street

with the windowed white widow-peaked ladies,

mothers to festive flags and fecund flowers.

A girl, small hand in large bonding small heart to big,

tugs her mother, heart strings and all, to a garden ledge

for Olympian balance beaming.

We (Mom and I) connect the knowingest of almost imperceptible nods,

maternally sharing cherished moment and fleeting years

I sit to savor a Sicilian Slice of Edgartown;

a sprout of a man (“man” unripe to me four decades his senior

“sprout” sour to his palate no doubt)

folds in for a taste of my sweet wrought iron table

and assuredly out of gastronomic politeness not a lonesome hunger

spicily inquires of my evening intent;

delicious flattery consumed if not fed!

At the harbor, the tide flows high, full and deep,

a family sails onto the dock

for a voyage into posterity.

I offer to reel in their moment;

the Mom, anchor as always, unfurls

a smile that laps gently at my shore,

her soft thank you immerses me in a sea of gratitude

Eight bells elevate my exotic evening

into the parting celestial spectacle,

shreds of pink ribbons delicately afloat in a purpling aerial sea.

My soul, now light as the nightingale

in flight skyward untethered,

I soar, sweep into the heavens,

on wings angeled with the fullness of

a Tuesday evening

Rachel Alpert i­­­s a retired lawyer and lives in Edgartown, where she enjoys writing poetry, gardening, and kayaking.