Poet's Corner: Pond Poem


swallows carried words

slipping from my tongue

swooping curves

wingspans dive

flapping speed

no longer dissonant

vowels falling

consonants buzzing

crickets zing

eyes on heaven

as letters plink

like drizzle

on an evening pond

on high behold

lovely chaos rains

never wanting to say

the unsaid

or words sung

at sundown

a breeze of serenity

never silence

even in a duck’s quizzical

last glance

Valerie Sonnenthal joined the Cleaveland House Poets when she moved to the Vineyard in 2006. She writes the Chilmark town column plus arts and lifestyle stories for The MV Times, and publishes Errata Edition Books on Books series. She can be found cooking, swimming, listening to writers, and walking her dogs when she is not teaching MELT Method or Foot Fitness. She continues her studies in movement, how our feet behave, and any ironic poetic thing.