The Hurricane Hush


By Stephanie R. Bryant

Oh, Dear Father Time … he tells a terrific tale of “The Bravest Bird in Flight!”

Who made his way in hurricane winds one late Northeastern night.

The day was stirring of old wives’ tales of storms and storks midair.

The pressure built on Martha’s Isle as two wondrous wombs prepared.

Each hailed from a different time and place but met on common fertile sand.

Twas engrained in them that motherhood would not slip through their hands.

The Lighthouse blinked in sure belief their dreams would come to light.

And whitecap wisdom must have filled them with seeds of blue in sight.

By Spring they’d been splashed with ferry mist that sprouted tiny treasures.

Soon to be maritime mothers and seafaring fathers will witness beyond measure.

Painted jungles awaited lil’ kings and nautical nurseries prepared for baby prints.

Menemsha Mamas showered them with age-old wisdom and timeless newborn hints.

Quickly, capturing baby bumps in Lambert’s Cove was the crowning maternal craze.

Well-wishing whales watched from afar as they spouted fountains of praise!

Soon an array of fireworks o’er Ocean Park seemed to spark an expectant glow,

As if they’d known a spectacular secret only brave baby-bringing birds should know.

And alas, Aquinnah echoed from her courageous cliffs “Water’s falling, falling!”

These tropical rains brought beautiful pain; soon overnight bags were calling.

Two military-minded future fathers geared up to take their bedside posts.

Their nautical nerves of steel softened so Daddies’ hearts could make the most.

From Pontiac Avenue to Olde School House Village nervous engines sounded.

Stopwatches ticking about yet were drowned out by anxious hearts that pounded.

Neither pair had predicted what Earl had insisted for the upcoming labor celebration.

Lo and Behold, as old seaman’s tales go, this Mother Ship miracle was quite the creation!

Nine months had transpired and surely inspired a bond between these four.

Still fate had withheld the will of the wind and what it had in store.

But, now was the time for the stars to align in a heavenly hurricane way;

As harmonious winds blew two and two into One Hospital Way.

Now, legend goes, as maternal winds blow, Black Dogs will put on quite a show.

Flying horses squealed with joy for what the whimsical waves did know.

Wild turkeys chattered and mystical mermaids fluttered their tails in delight,

As the world would welcome a wee Hunter and Sailor before day’s light!

Then, Sir Stork, “The Bravest Bird There Ever Was!” circled ’round to Vineyard Sound.

With one final gust of Earl’s great thrust precious parcel graced the ground.

It was most glorious to witness God’s plan as two tiny angels anchored on land.

There two women beamed with just one wall between each dream on common sand.

And there, just then, the hurricane hushed … as Motherhood slipped into their hands.

Stephanie R. Bryant was a Coast Guard spouse stationed on Martha’s Vineyard, 2009-2011. Some may say they’ve left their heart in the city by the bay, but hers is surely on the Vineyard.