Vineyard field hockey is on fire after defeating Westport 2-0

Friday’s game marks their third consecutive win this week.

Juniper Ezanno maintains a defensive distance between herself and Westport players while driving the ball upfield. —Stacey Rupolo

The Vineyard field hockey team took to the field with energy and determination on Friday and delivered a solid defeat to Westport High School. This win, coupled with their recent victories over Hanover on Tuesday and West Bridgewater on Thursday, puts the team at 7-4-2 for the season.

“We’re really peaking right now,” said coach Lisa Knight. “We could have had more goals but I’m extremely proud. This season we are bouncing back from losing some great seniors and making it through the semi-finals, but I couldn’t ask for more from them, they played great.”

The Vineyarders hovered near the Westport goal for most of the game. When the ball burst up field the scant few times it was wrested away by Westport, it was quickly driven back with aggressive and skillful volleying from the Vineyarders.

Mackenzie Condon scored the first goal for the Vineyard with the assist of Julia Hart. Late in the second half, Lacey Dinning nailed a second goal with Mackenzie Condon’s assist, spelling a clean victory for the Vineyard.

“We’ve been practicing in the gym to get ready for playing on turf,” Ms. Knight said. “They’re exhausted from two away games and coming home at 10:30 at night. It’s hard going from playing two turf games to playing on grass. The girls keep saying ‘We’re a turf team,’ but we’re really not, we have a grass field.”

The Vineyard also won 4-1 against Westport High School on Tuesday. They will play Somerset Berkley Regional High School next on Thursday.