Collaboration brings unique beers to Island businesses


Collaboration and community are two of the main staples of island life. Every day, businesses and individuals come together to work on projects. The latest collaboration in our dine world is a partnership between J.B. Blau, owner of Sharky’s, Copper Wok, the Loft, and Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Co., with local Island brewery Bad Martha Beer.

This past summer, Bad Martha Brewer Jacobi Reid created a Jalapeno Cucumber Kölsh. The managers at Sharky’s, located right next door, visited the brewery frequently, and all concluded the Kölsh would be a perfect fit for their cantina. They invited their boss, Mr. Blau, to taste the beer, and from there, it was history. Currently, Mr. Reid is brewing another batch of the Jalapeno Cucumber Kölsh, to be sold exclusively at Sharky’s in both Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. In the future, Bad Martha plans to brew special beers for all of Mr. Blau’s establishments. Each beer will become a destination of sorts: It won’t be on tap at the brewery, and the only place you’ll be able to find it will be at the designated restaurant.

The Jalapeno Cucumber Kölsh will be available at Sharky’s by the end of October. Make sure to pair it with a tasty example of Mexican food like burritos or tacos, because the beer will balance out all the bright, spicy flavors typically found in this cuisine.

Moving forward, Mr. Reid is meeting with Mr. Blau to discuss a beer for Copper Wok. The collaboration may model the beers typically served in Asian restaurants, such as Sapporo and Singa, both brewed with rice. The prospect of a ginger beer has also been proposed, since ginger pairs so well with this cuisine. My suggestions? A lemongrass and Thai basil, or coconut and cilantro, brew.

While we wait to taste these special beers, Bad Martha has launched two seasonal beers currently on tap at the farmer’s brewery: Pumpkin Pie Bock and Bluewater Farms Cranberry Vienna beer. The Pumpkin Pie Bock is made with 30 pounds of locally grown pumpkins from Morning Glory Farm, and the beer blends the wonderful flavors of roasted pumpkin and sweet pumpkin pie. The Bluewater Farms Cranberry Vienna beer is a light-bodied Vienna lager, made with German malts and hops and aged with cold-press cranberries from Bluewater Farms in Carver, the family farm of Mr. Reid.

Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery and Tasting Room is open Thursday through Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm, and Sunday through Wednesday, 11 am to 7 pm.