Jessica and Nick take the plunge

A stormy wedding is capped off with a surprise swim.

Nick Brust and Jessica Stone jump off Big Bridge in their wedding day attire. - Tim Correira

To many a bride’s dismay, wedding season on Martha’s Vineyard comes hand-in-hand with hurricane season. Picking the right weekend in the fall can be a bit like Russian roulette, betting months in advance that the big day won’t coincide with the big storm churning up the coast, intent on wreaking havoc on white wedding dresses, expensive shoes, and painstakingly arranged hair.

Jessica Stone, who grew up in West Tisbury but now lives in Raleigh, N.C., and North Carolina native Nick Brust planned their wedding for Oct. 9; what they didn’t plan on was Hurricane Matthew. While the Island was spared the brunt of Matthew’s fury, there was still plenty of cold, wet, and windy weather to go around.

“It was a rollercoaster of emotions,” said Jessica. “That weekend we were supposed to be hit with a hurricane, and our wedding was supposed to be at the Sailing Camp, with the ceremony and cocktail hour being held outside. I had plans A through D for the day of the wedding and how to deal with different weather. Plan D was hurricane. For that we were going to take pictures at the Tabernacle, but that was under construction.”

The photographer, Tim Correira, had a backup plan of his own. He let the couple use the front of his grandmother’s gingerbread house for the pictures. “By that point, my dress was wet and muddy, and already so messed up that I decided I was going to jump in the water in it!” said Jessica. But that would have to wait; first there was a wedding ceremony and reception to attend — muddy dress and all.

The next morning, friends and family gathered at Big Bridge to watch the new couple take the plunge in their wedding clothes. “I’ve jumped off the bridge a million times,” said Jessica, “but Nick had never jumped off the bridge before, so it was a memorable first time.”

In spite of inclement weather, it all worked out in the end, and Mr. Correira was there to document the moment.

“I grew up on the Island, and the water is really important to me,” said Jessica, “so I wanted to get married where we could see the water.”

But actually being in the water — no one saw that coming.