What are book clubs reading?

"The Marriage of Opposites" by Alice Hoffman

What are almost as numerous on Martha’s Vineyard as scrub oak trees? Book clubs. In addition to the numerous private groups held in friends’ living rooms, town libraries host clubs. So if you’re looking to get away from the New York Times bestseller list or wondering what on earth your teen is reading and why they keep on saying “OK will be our Always,” we’ve got you. Check out our list of book clubs and see what works for you.

Aquinnah library

This month, the Aquinnah library is reading “At the Water’s Edge” by Sara Gruen. When
Maddie and her husband Ellis Hyde disgrace themselves at a 1944 New Year’s Eve party, Maddie’s father disowns them. Ellis and his best friend Hank decide that the only way to regain Maddie’s father’s favor is to capture the Loch Ness monster, a task at which her father failed. Hank, Maddie, and Ellis make the trip to the remote Scottish countryside, and while the men are hunting, Maddie begins to fall in love with the landscape. The book club meets at 5:30 pm at the Aquinnah Library on Nov. 17. Questions? Call the library at 508-645-2314 or visit their website, aquinnahlibrary.org.

Edgartown library

Edgartonians are reading “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls, a memoir of the Walls family. When the family relocates from a nomadic lifestyle to New York City, the children prosper, and the parents choose to be homeless. The Edgartown Library Book Club meets the third Wednesday of every month (next on Nov. 16) at 4 pm. Questions? Call the library at 508-627-4221, or visit their website, edgartownlibrary.org.

Oak Bluffs library

There are two book clubs to choose from at the Oak Bluffs Library. The Forever Young Book Club is a group for adults that’s focused on young adult books. The book club meets the last Tuesday of every month (next month it’s Nov. 29) at 6:30 pm. All ages are welcome. The pick for November is “Bone Gap” by Laura Ruby. The town of Bone Gap is full of gaps that people trip over, or fall into, never to be seen again. When Roza goes missing, the people of Bone Gap aren’t surprised, but Finn knows part of what actually happened. She was taken by a man whose face Finn can’t remember. The story follows Finn, Roza, and the people of Bone Gap, and illustrates how the face people present to the world can deviate from who they really are.

The Classic American Literature Book Club is your chance to read all of those American classics that have been on your to-read list since you graduated from college, but have never actually gotten around to.

Questions? Call the library at 508-693-9483, send them an email at oakb_mail@clamsnet.org, or visit their website, oakbluffslibrary.org.

West Tisbury library

The Genre Fiction Book Group hosts Island authors every month to lead a discussion about a book that they picked in their genre. This month, the group will meet on Nov. 15 at 5:30 pm. It will be hosted by Amelia Smith, on “The Fifth Season” by N.K. Jemisin.
This first installment of the Broken Earth Series takes place in an intricate otherworld where violence and a caste system reign, and apocalypses are as frequent as the change in seasons. The story follows Essun, Syen, and Damaya as their own plots weave around one another and they try to navigate the ending of their world. Questions? Call the library at 508-693-3366, visit their website, westtisburyfreepubliclibrary.org, or email them at wt_mail@clamsnet.org.

Vineyard Haven library

The Vineyard Haven library’s book club is held on the third Thursday of the month (next month, on Nov. 17) at 1:30 pm. Next month’s book is “Marriage of Opposites” by Alice Hoffman. It’s set in St. Thomas in the early 1800s. Rachel is married off to an older man in order to save her father’s business. When her husband dies, his handsome nephew Frederick arrives from France to settle the estate. Rachel and Frederick enter into an affair that spreads scandal over all of her family, including her favorite son, who is destined to become the father of Impressionist painting. Questions? Call the library at 508-696-4211 or visit their website, vhlibrary.org.