Dining at the bowling alley?

The House Roasted Turkey Sandwich: moist, thick turkey slices, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, banana peppers, mayo, and honey mustard on a choice of bread. —Marnely Murray

Certain places create certain expectations, at least in your head. When you think about bowling alley food, your expectations might be chicken tenders and fries. Your expectations will be blown out of the water when you visit the Barn, Bowl and Bistro. After my visit, I realized it’s actually a restaurant that has a bowling alley attached to it, not the other way around. Their focus on serving creative food at affordable prices is the main goal, but they do so much more.

Chef John Johnson, better known as J.J., is at the helm of the kitchen team. As many of us know, Chef Albert Lattanzi was with them at the beginning, working with the team, including J.J., for almost the entire first year. As a chef consultant, Lattanzi was able to put procedures, processes, and recipes in place that lead to the success of the kitchen today.

Chef J.J. considers Chef Lattanzi a great mentor and friend, who kept him on the right path while initiating the high-paced, quick-ticket establishment at the Barn. After those months, it was a mutual agreement that Albert would move on to focus on other projects, and J.J. would take over the kitchen. Currently, Chef Lattanzi is a culinary freelancer, working at Beach Road and State Road as their artisan bread baker. He also just traveled to Finland to secure second place in a Wild Food Challenge.

Now, Chef J.J. has a challenge of his own: making the best food at the most affordable prices and catering to the year-round residents of the Island. And boy, has he done just that! Let’s start with the incredible lunch menu. They offer a $9.99 lunch daily from 11 am until 5 pm, and all sandwiches are served with a soft drink and a choice of potato salad, coleslaw, or chips.

Mind you, these aren’t just any little old sandwiches, these are some incredible deals. The House Roasted Turkey Sandwich is layered with moist, thick turkey slices, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, banana peppers, mayo, and honey mustard on a choice of bread. It’s incredible in size — and size matters when we are talking about sandwiches! Other options for lunch include: Grilled Cheese & Soup, Toasted Italian Sub, Chicken Salad Wrap, Barn BLT, Codfish Sandwich, Chicken Quesadilla, Fish Tacos, Jonesy Pizza, and more.

The dinner menu shines, balancing great creative flavors at fantastic prices. Currently, none of the specials cost over $28, and you’ll see roast lamb, swordfish, and other

seafood. I’d recommend always starting with the Asian-style pork & leek dumplings ($10). Sourced from a shop in Boston’s Chinatown, they are handmade, and some of the tastiest dumplings you’ll ever have. Another Asian-inspired dish to try is their Tempura Shrimp ($15) served with a slaw, spicy aioli, and fresh radish. The combination of the crunchy shrimp paired with a sauté of fresh vegetables is quite fantastic. Make sure to end your meal with dessert. They are all housemade, and at $7 each, why would you ever skip dessert?

Make sure to follow the Barn on Facebook, facebook.com/BarnBowlBistroMV, where they post daily updates and fun giveaways.