Mocha Mott’s will reopen in Oak Bluffs

Iced chai bomb from Mocha Mott's. — Photo by Ben Williams

“It was an ordeal; I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” Tim Dobel, co-owner of Mocha Mott’s, told The Times on Tuesday. The beloved coffee shop will reopen on Oct. 31 in Oak Bluffs after months of repairs and negotiations with insurance companies that followed a burst pipe in February. The coffee shop has been a presence on Circuit Avenue for over two decades. Mr. Dobel promised that the shop would look like it did before the closure — nothing will change. “Mott’s is a center of the community in Oak Bluffs. People really care about it, it’s a touchstone,” he said. “I’m just excited that people won’t constantly be coming up to me anymore asking when we’re going to reopen.”