Love your local business with loyalty cards

—Guinevere Cramer

Loyalty and punch cards are a no-brainer. Guests that frequent a business over time love getting something for free, and a loyalty or rewards system make this possible. Whether a printed punch card or a digital system is in place, business will increase when customers know that they are “one more away” from a free item. Personally, my most used punch cards are the ones from local coffee shops like Behind the Bookstore, Espresso Love, Mocha Mott’s, and Nat’s Nook. If you’re a coffee drinker, you can relate. All of these are cardboard cards I carry around with me at all times (a big wallet helps).

And now comes the off-season, where we settle down and take a relaxing sigh of relief, congratulating one another because we survived the summer once again. It’s also the time for big and little projects, for spending all that hard-earned money or saving it up for a family goal. And to help us save every penny, today I’m sharing all the local Island punch or loyalty cards you can get.


Edgartown Meat and Fish: Buy 9 coffees, get the 10th free

Espresso Love: Buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free

Behind the Bookstore: Buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free

Little House Cafe: Buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free

Waterside Market: Buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free

Nat’s Nook: Buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free

Cash & Carry: Buy 10 Keurig coffee boxes, get the 11th free


Rocco’s Pizza: Collect 10 pizza coupons from side of box, get one free cheese pizza

Wolf’s Den Pizza: Buy 10 grinders, get the 11th free (pizza punch card coming soon)

Le Roux: Buy 12 oil or vinegar bottles, the 13th is free (any size)

Tony’s Market: Buy 10 sandwiches/salads/dinners, get the 11th free

Edgartown Pizza: Buy 10 pizzas, get the 11th free

There is also a VIP card at Sharky’s (that can be also used at Copper Wok and Chowder Co.). Created 10 years ago by owner J.B. Blau, this VIP card focuses on Islanders and locals. First of all, you can only apply for it between October and May. As a way to thank the local population, this VIP card gives away thousands of dollars worth of food and prizes throughout the year. As a cardholder, you’ll always get 5 percent off all food, so it’s a win-win situation. (Apply at any of the aforementioned establishments — it only takes a minute.)

Another great digital card is the Our Island Club Card ( This card provides year-round residents with savings on products and services from more than 200 businesses including food, gasoline, home-heating fuel, auto insurance, restaurants, retail stores, and services. The best discount has to be the 20 percent off at Cronig’s Market!

Make sure to take advantage of the sales and discounts during the off-season. Share your favorites with us by tagging us on social media.