Martha's Vineyard field hockey knocked out of tournament play

An upsetting loss against Dover-Sherborn brings the season to an end.

Kylie Hatt leans in for a passing shot during the Vineyarders game against Somerset on Oct. 21. —Stacey Rupolo

A heartbreaking loss knocked Vineyard field hockey out of tournament play on Thursday. The game ended with a final score of 2-0 against Dover-Sherborn.

Martha’s Vineyard came into the game as the underdogs, seeded 11th against Dover-Sherborn, which was in 6th place. The first half went back and forth down the field as each team pushed themselves to get an edge over the other.

Head coach Lisa Knight said, “After the first five minutes, it was like wow, we can really play with these guys.”

Then, in the last thirty seconds of the first half, there was a sickening thud: the ball against the backboard; the Raiders cheered. A Dover-Sherborn player had driven the ball from the 30-yard line and her teammate tipped it off in the circle in front of the net.  

“It was like the ball came out of nowhere,” Ms. Knight said.

The Vineyard had trouble recovering their earlier momentum in the second half and another Dover-Sherborn goal followed the first.

“I didn’t want the season to end this soon,” senior Danielle Hopkins said. “It’s really weird to think that this sport that has been a part of my life isn’t going to be there anymore.”

Sophomore Mackenzie Condon said, “I’m proud of this team. I think we came together at the right time and we peaked at the right time. I’m excited for next season.”