Poet's Corner: Trumped


By Annette Sandrock

So Trump made it in,

he did.

We’ll see what he does.

We know what he was.

But none of that matters now,

you see.

It’s what’s in our future

concerns you and me.

Some promised if Trump made it in,

to flee,

but you know most will stay,

look toward a new day.

Our fortunes may dwindle,

but we will rekindle

our hope, our dreams for our country,

it seems.

Despite the outcome,

will things really change?

Probably not,

we’ve been taught,

just keep plugging away,

keep privation at bay.

Cause we’ve all had our say

on Election Day.


Annette Sandrock of Vineyard Haven is a former high school English teacher who facilitated poetry events and poetry writing for students. She is a freelance writer, and is currently a member of Cleaveland House Poets, Martha’s Vineyard Poetry Society, and Martha’s Vineyard Poets Collective.