Over the river and ‘Into the Woods’

At the Tisbury School play.

Dylan Biggs, Alana Nevin, and Nick Cranston look to a future filled with adventure in the opening number of "Into the Woods." — Stacey Rupolo

Students from Tisbury School got into the fairy tale spirit of the holidays last Friday and Saturday with a “junior” version of the smash musical play “Into the Woods.”

Dylan Biggs and Alison Custer played a Baker and his Wife, who must gather four items to reverse a curse from the Witch, played by Ella Clarke, and get the child they so desperately want. They set off through the woods to retrieve a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold. During their magical journey and misadventures, they encounter Little Red Riding Hood, played by Anabelle Nevin; Jack and his Mother — with their magical beans — played by Nick Cranston and Alana Nevin; Cinderella, played by Faith Fecitt; Rapunzel, played by Lily Sebastian; and a pair of Princes searching for love, played by Tobey Roberts and Mateo Darack.

The Baker and his Wife gather the four items and reverse the curse, but happily ever after is not quite what they imagined it would be.