REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: November 14 – 18, 2016



Nov. 14, Nancy Kidd Brown, f/k/a Nancy E. Kidd, sold 26 Whippoorwill Rd. to Paul Bailey and Kenneth J. Peterson for $845,000.

Nov. 18, Zelda F. and William A. Gamson, trustees of the Gamson-Chilmark Nominee Trust, sold 3 Boston Hill Rd. and 5 Boston Hill Rd. to Jonathan and Jennifer Zonis for $1,570,000.

Nov. 18, MW Associates LP sold 16 South Abel’s Hill Rd. to 16 South Abels Hill Road LLC for $6,500,000.


Nov. 14, Arch Building & Home Development LLC sold 23 Kitts Field Circle to Walter Prahl and Sarah Shore for $2,000,000.

Nov. 14, Scout Harbor View Property 1 LLC sold Luce Cottage Units 31 & 31A, Harbor View Suites Condo on 131 North Water St., to Rachael Goldfarb and Mark Slovenkai for $1,425,000.

Nov. 14, Robert A. Wakely, trustee of EJB Realty Trust, sold 2 Muskoday Way to Robert A. Wakely, trustee of EJB Muskoday Realty Trust, for $1,175,000.

Nov. 14, James Chirgwin sold 3 Boylston Dr. to Genainna Torres for $680,000.

Nov. 15, Edward G. Jepsen sold 62 South Water St. to Edward Dangel, 3rd and Bonni J. Widdoes for $3,100,000.

Nov. 16, Daniel W. Stanton sold 72 Davis Lane to James F. Reynolds, trustee of 72 Davis Lane Nominee Trust, for $3,900,000.

Nov. 17, Harold B. Lawry, 3rd and Elizabeth E. Ventura, Personal Representative of the estate of Elizabeth Lawry, sold 19 Hye Rd. to Nataly Gomes and Ramon Thiago Gomes Dasilva for $585,000.

Nov. 18, House at 46 High Street LLC sold 46 High St. to Art Real Estate Partners LLC for $2,400,000.

Nov. 18, S. Christopher Scott and Pamela C. Scott sold 36 Pierce Lane to Geoffrey Caraboolad, trustee of Hale Realty Trust, for $1,700,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 15, Mary Ann White sold 45 Head of the Pond Rd. to Danny L. and Karen A. Williams for $880,000.

Nov. 15, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., successor by merger to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. and current holder of a mortgage from Dewitt T. Allred 3rd and Lynda G. Grady to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc., sold Unit 1A, 61 Ocean Avenue, Ocean Park Condominium, to Michael R. Hall and Terry Shaffer, trustees of Unit No. 4 21 Kennebec Condominium Realty Trust, for $357,000 by foreclosure deed.

Nov. 18, Herbert Jacobs sold 19 Dolly Lane to Thomas S. and Megan A. McDonald for $489,900.


Nov. 14, Hansjorg Wyss, trustee of Wyss Nominee One Trust, sold 272 Bigelow Rd. to Deborah J. Hales and Daniel B. Gordon for $925,000.

Nov. 15, Kenneth W. Bailey sold 15 Herring Creek Rd. to Monique Belair and Kristofer Granger for $646,875.

Nov. 15, Otis P. Jeffers, 3rd and Rita Marie Jeffers sold 42 Vincents Way to Barbara L. Ronchetti for $217,500.

Nov. 15, Merrily B. Fenner sold 118 William St. to Thaddeus F. Mielcarz and Joe B. Flores for $887,500.

Nov. 17, Robert Mackay, Jr., trustee of the Mackay Family Trust, sold 41 Bernard Circle to Michael P. Mailey and Sarah N. Massey for $460,000.

Nov. 18, Scott Alan Morrison, personal representative of the estate of Judith N. Peisen, sold 133 Bernard Circle to Kevin and Lori Hoarty for $435,000.

Nov. 18 Diane Estrella, trustee of the Diane Estrella Revocable Trust, sold 252 State Rd. to Robert and Hallie Hughes for $430,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 18, Michael and Lynn Caroline sold 9 Old House Way to Zachary Stedman and Layla J. Stedman for $875,000.