Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Glass

Sea Glass Vases, made by Andrew Magdanz. After making the vase, Andrew sandblasts the piece to texturize the surface. He heats it back up to polish the texture, a process called “fire polish.” This is the final step to smooth out the surface. Andrew has been blowing glass for almost 50 years. —Emily Drazen

I’ve been working with Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks (MVG) on State Road in West Tisbury, photographing a variety of their stunning pieces of art. Founded by Andrew Magdanz, his wife Susan Shapiro, and Mark Weiner, Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks has been a home for artists and a destination for patrons since 1992. It is currently run by Mark Weiner and wife and glassblower Michiko Maekawa. Russell Carson, Robert Phillips, and Marguerite Smith complete the staff, who work collaboratively on most products. More than just a gallery, Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks invites customers to their open studio, which provides a visual experience and an understanding of how each piece is made.

It’s been fascinating to watch the raw materials evolve into a work of art — and it’s been an honor to document their pieces with my camera.