Fly into the Tin Hangar, Edgartown’s newest year-round eatery

An egg noodles and meatball entree. —Marnely Murray

The talk of the town, specifically Edgartown, is the new restaurant that has opened up where Flatbread used to be. Tin Hangar, a new venture from the McGroarty family, is welcoming the Island community to what will surely become a regular spot for year-round residents. Jack McGroarty, the restaurant’s general manager, greets us with a smile as we walk through the door. As we are led to a table, the spacious wrap-around bar boasts quite the variety of liquors and beverages — perfect for an after-work beer or cocktail.

The menu serves a little bit of everything, which is great for families coming to dine at Tin Hangar. Kick off with some appetizers for the table, like the Crispy Fried Pickles ($7) or the Buffalo Chicken Dip ($9), both perfect choices to share. The main menu divides itself into three categories: sandwiches, entrées, and pizzas, and I suggest trying something from each. The sandwich of the day is a daily chef’s inspiration, with what is available and sounds good to him. And who is “he”? Chef Brian Counihan, a Johnson and Wales graduate who has worked all over Boston and Providence. His training is based mainly in fine-dining cookery, so manning the kitchen at Tin Hangar, where the food is best described as casual dining with a focus on comfort food, is a change of pace.

That’s just what we will need this winter if the weather gets too nasty: comfort food. A standout entrée is the Egg Noodles ($17), served alongside beef and pork meatballs, mushrooms, and sour cream. Chef Counihan really delivers on the flavors in this dish — it’s just like Mom would make. For the pizza lovers out there, Tin Hangar serves up some creative hand-tossed pizzas (small is 12 inches, for $18; large is 16 inches for $24). You can also become a pizza chef yourself by putting together your own creation (prices per topping may vary). Here are some of the current offerings:

  • B-17 Flying Fortress: chicken, bacon, ranch, pepperoni
  • P-51 Mustang: salami, hot peppers, chili flakes
  • Dauntless: meatballs, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella

Most of the staff is local to the Island, so you’ll probably see some friendly, familiar faces. Slide up to the bar and ask for a beer, most of which, you’ll notice, come in cans. Mr. McGroarty, a craft beer aficionado, shares that the freshest beers comes in cans. A little insider tip: Canned beer stays fresher because cans hold a seal better than bottles do, and aluminum cans protect the beer from the sun so the flavor won’t deteriorate (so if your favorite beer comes in a clear bottle, you might want to reconsider your choice). But the drink choices at Tin Hangar are carefully curated, so you’re sure to score a tasty brew.

Tin Hangar is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week from 3 pm to 9 pm. Their liquor license is a full license until December, and will then become beer and wine only until April. We’re looking forward to making it a regular stop this winter. Make sure to follow Tin Hangar on Facebook for updates and daily specials: