REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: November 28 –December 2, 2016



Nov. 30, Frank S. Yeomans, trustee of Stonewall Acres Residuary Realty Trust, sold a lot off Stonewall Rd. to Robert C. Steinmetz and Christopher S. Yeomans, trustees of the Pineview Realty Trust, for $15,000.

Dec. 2, Anthony L. Horwitz and Geraldine Brooks sold a Quansoo Beach Lot to Therese C. Driscoll for $295,000.


Nov. 28, Paul Wales sold 5 Old Pocha Rd. to Alan H. and Betty N. Feldman, trustees of the Feldman-Edgartown Realty Trust, for $900,000.

Nov. 29, Katherine T. Dryfoos, trustee of the Katherine T. Dryfoos 2006 Trust, sold 59 Seth’s Way to George J. Katilus, 3rd and Christine Katilus for $1,240,000.

Nov. 30, Lucy B. Whittemore Heywood and Robert L. Whittemore sold 45 Cottage St. to Harlan and Patricia Kent for $3,400,000.

Nov. 30, Stone House at Lake Lure LLC sold 99 Martha’s Rd. to Jimmy L. Smith for $615,000.

Dec. 1, Summer & Winter LLC sold 62 Winter St. to Winter Street MV LLC for $1,000,000.


Nov. 29, Wyatt Garfield, Jr. and Rachel B. Garfield sold Lot 146 off Blue Heron Drive to Jeffrey T. and Elizabeth T. Goodwin, trustees of the Jeffrey T. & Elizabeth T. Goodwin Revocable Grantor Trust, for $30,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 29, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold Lot 5, Paddock Rd. to Kenneth M. and Pamela F. Morrison for $450,000.

Nov. 30, Christopher A. Mard and Deborah M. Moynihan sold 91 Winemack St. to William Potter and Kerry Quinlan-Potter for $550,000.

Nov. 30, Michael Hunter Leithead sold 99 Dukes County Ave. to Valerie A. Francis for $575,000.

Nov. 30, Dorothy K. Tonelli sold a lot on Barnes Rd. to Mark P. and Christina M. McCarthy, trustees of the McCarthy Family Living Trust, for $268,000.

Nov. 30, Dragonfly Management Inc., trustee of 125 Boulevard Realty Trust, sold 7 Ploughshare Lane to John K. Briganti and Carol Ann Priore for $700,000.

Dec. 2, Patricia A. Smith sold 41 Head of the Pond Rd. to James A. Burke, Jr. and Kimberly V. Burke for $560,000.

Dec. 2, Lisa P. Merritt sold 45 Rogers Way to Mark D. Alton and Denitsa Alton for $545,000.


Nov. 29, Paul Kennedy and Barbara L. Kennedy sold 32 Leland Ave. to Karen B. and Nelson G. Giannakopoulos for $350,000.

Nov. 29, US Bank, N.A., as trustee relating to Chevy Chase Funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1, sold 14 Skip Jack Way to E-Vineyard LLC for $1,650,000.

Nov. 30, Harriet Brownson Sayre McCord, trustee of 484 Main Street Realty Trust, sold a portion of 484 Main St. to F. Nevin Sayre and Solvig Kristina Hellgren Sayre for $547,000.

Nov. 30, Kenneth E. Knipmeyer, Stephen L. Knipmeyer, Matthew B. Knipmeyer, Elizabeth A. Gibson (a/k/a Elizabeth K. Gibson), trustees under a Declaration of Trust, sold a lot on Water Wagon Rd. to Mary L. Howell, trustee of Water Wagon Nominee Trust, for $700,000.

Dec. 1, Thomas W. Pachico sold a lot on High Point Lane to SBS Properties LLC for $350,000.

Dec. 1, Island Cove Miniature Golf Inc. sold 386 State Rd. to SBS Properties LLC for $15,000.

Dec. 2, SBS Properties LLC sold a portion of 542 Sailor’s Burying Ground Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $382,000.

West Tisbury

Dec. 2, Hilary A. Blocksom, individually and as trustee of the William M. Honey Revocable Family Trust 2000, sold 4 Elias Lane to David Aposhian for $450,000.