It takes a village to host a Halloween party


To the Editor:

We wanted to send a big thank you to all the supporters and volunteers who helped make the Edgartown School Halloween Party a huge success by providing a fun, safe event for our kids this Halloween.  

Thanks to the Dukes County Sheriffs Association, Edgartown Police Department — with special shout-outs to Sgt. Joel DeRoche, Sgt. Craig Edwards, Officer Stephanie Immelt, Officer Zach Townes, and Officer Sylvia.  

A big pat on the back to all our parent volunteers: Melissa Aldeborogh, Frederica Carpenter, Joanne Cassidy, Amanda Cimeno, Kristen and Will Coogan, Nell Coogan, Melody Cunningham, Paolo DeOliverio, Pam and Mike Hurley, Deanna and John Laird, Valerie LaVigne, Prudence Levy, Heidi McDonough, Rebecca & Anthony Rabeni, Susan Sanford, Lizzie Ward, Lance and Davina Webb.

Thanks to the superstar students who volunteered: Sienna Crowell, Clara Rabeni, Nicholas Rabeni, Nicholas Carpenter, Allie Navarrette, Talia Estrella, Daniel Serpa, Addie Riley, and Jasmine Hershey.

Thanks to the local businesses that contributed: Morning Glory Farm and Wolf’s Den Pizza.

And last but not least, the teachers and staff of Edgartown School that helped make it possible: Greg Pattison, Gina DeBettencourt, Darren Belisle, Dwight Kaeka, Margie Hayes, Malcolm Broadbent, Marie Nelson, John Stevens, and Anne Fligor. And to all the unsung heroes that we may have forgotten! Your help and support is greatly appreciated, recognized, and welcomed!

Rebecca Rabeni for The Edgartown School PTA