Poem: Seasons


By Linda Bergeron Freedman

The leaves are falling on the ground

Yellow, orange and even dark brown

Their branches now are getting bare

With hopes of winter in the air

The white snow is starting to fall

Shoveling and snowballs upon us all

The frosty wind begins to blow

Jack Frost is here that’s all we know

The boots and jackets are out of the box

Mittens and long johns and stole of fox

The fires are burning in the stove

Sending out their fiery glow

The flowers are sleeping in their beds

While images of snowflakes are in our heads

The pumpkin pie and turkey dinner

Is on our list now that’s a winner

The families together once again

To us the holidays will begin

The shopping time in the stores

Always delays our daily chores

School vacation is here again

Winter fun is about to begin

Moms and Dads are out today

While children indoors have fun at play

Born and raised here, Linda Bergeron Freedman works as special aide at the Center for Living’s Supportive Day Program. She loves her job there.