2017 Martha’s Vineyard wall calendars

Dogs on the beach are always a hit. —Lisa Vanderhoop

Vineyard calendar artists all have their own styles, niches, and a following of faithful fans. Whether your passion is personality-filled pets, glowing Island landscapes, or seabirds and wildlife, there is at least one Vineyard calendar for you or someone special on your list.

For the visitor who yearns to take the Island home, or the year-rounder who needs a reminder of its beauty:

The Vineyard Calendar 2017, by Peter Simon

With admirers who count on his calendar to brighten the months year after year, photographer and author Peter Simon has taken a fresher-than-ever perspective in 2017’s images. After 29 years featuring breathtaking vistas of land and sea to show the seasons turn, he has added a new human element. It’s fun to see Vineyarders and visitors enjoying activities that make our Island life vibrant and unique.

Many are set in familiar landscapes, adding another design element. His wife, Ronni Simon, sits meditatively with their dog beside a pond. Fishermen are silhouetted against a rosy dawn sky at water’s edge. A youngster holds a dip net up to the setting sun, literally “catching some rays.” We feel festivity in the air as locals and visitors throng the Oak Bluffs dock in July.

There are plenty of scenic shots too, like bright daffodils and tulips creating a riot of color in April snow.

As usual, Mr. Simon captions his images with reflections by writers both contemporary and from long ago.


For the lighthearted but thoughtful admirer of dogs and the ocean:

Vineyard Seadogs Calendar 2017, by Lisa Vanderhoop

Talented photographer Lisa Vanderhoop fell in love with dogs long ago. For the past 10 years she has shared that love with dog enthusiasts in her calendar. Delighted to be celebrating a decade this year, Ms. Vanderhoop has packed more compelling canines than ever into the newest edition, and will donate a portion of proceeds to the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard.

Ms. Vanderhoop has found a wonderful selection for 2017. There are dozens of dogs, large and small, joyful youngsters and dignified grownups, long-haired, short-haired, serious, and funny.

The cover is perfect for this 10-year celebration. It’s a red, white, and blue Fourth of July cruise in a sailboat filled with dogs.

Seadogs love the beach, like the litter of baby goldens tumbling in the sand. A matched pair of Dalmatian pups celebrate Christmas 2017 on a snowy shore.

They love the water too. Scout takes an ecstatic, devil-may-care flying leap from dock to drink. Our favorite, Starling, paddles with a valiant look in clear summer water. He embodies the spirit of the Vineyard seadog: Live life to its joyful fullest, make the most of every day, never miss a chance for fun at the seashore, and be mindful — each moment is precious.


For your little granddaughter who adores kittens:

Cats of Martha’s Vineyard 2017, by Lynn Christoffers

Now for something soft and cuddly: Lynn Christoffers continues her quest to discover the cutest, prettiest, quirkiest cats on the Island.

If there is a cat whisperer, Ms. Christoffers is the one. Felines have minds of their own. They are uncooperative about picture taking, and usually react to a camera by disappearing. But Ms. Christoffers manages to get the furry critters to pose sweetly for her lens.

Who could resist Jane, a brand-new spring arrival at Mermaid Farm? Eyes barely open, ears not yet upright, she fits in her owner’s hand.

Suzette lounges in furry elegance on a dining room table, slightly miffed but enduring the attention for her admirers. Lean and lovely, rusty orange Rosie stretches languidly. Coal-black, sleekly handsome YoYo gazes straight into our hearts with green eyes. Kitty, a black bundle of fluff, naps on a window seat. Brash but lovable Baby Cakes is all attitude.

This calendar comes in a wall edition and a handy desktop format, just right for stocking stuffing.

For that fan of the dawn who just can’t get out of bed in time:

Vineyard Colors 2017, by Moira Fitzgerald and Yann Meersseman

There’s real magic in every Vineyard Colors calendar. It began a few years ago when the couple worked an early-morning paper route.

As they traveled the Island at first light, they saw enchanted scenes tinged with dew, transformed by rosy dawn. First emailing and posting photos online, they began gathering them in a calendar for all to enjoy.

From the cover shot of the ferry preparing for a predawn crossing, her lights reflected in dark harbor waters as the sky barely brightens, we know we are in for adventures.

January’s Vineyard Haven Main Street is frosted in falling snow, lights twinkling in the darkness. In the wintry blue fog of an overcast dawn, an East Chop dock is festooned with icicles.

Early-morning stillness makes these pictures striking. A sailboat rests at the edge of a peaceful Harthaven pond. Vineyard Haven Harbor buildings are silent, few lights shine; the water is smooth as glass.

Three horses graze serenely in Arrowhead Farm’s pasture at the start of a spring day.

And on every page, poet Dan Waters, his verses both light and evocative, catches the essence of the seasons.


For the lover of all things wild and wonderful, blessed creatures, mostly small:
2017 Felix Neck Wildlife Calendar

This compact calendar has been a favorite since its first publication 14 years ago. It presents top-notch wildlife photos, and is perfect as an extra or last-minute gift for nature lovers. Proceeds benefit Felix Neck, so one can feel good about purchasing it.

Photographers range from familiar professionals to talented amateurs, all inspired by their love of nature.

From Lanny McDowell’s dramatic cover of a common dolphin splashing through deep blue ocean, the calendar brings us to fields and shorefronts for glimpses of these precious Island neighbors.

Sam Moore’s tiny brown screech owl looks so soft and fluffy we want to hug it. But Sharon Simonin’s red-tailed hawk caught close-up in the snow has a daunting presence. The feathers of Nathalie Woodruff’s common eider look smooth and soft as whipped cream. Her brilliant Baltimore oriole sips delicately from an orange half. Tim Johnson discovers a shiny-furred river otter lumbering at water’s edge. Sarah Mayhew’s Bonaparte’s gull triumphantly snags a fish. Mark Lovewell’s perky osprey looks straight at the camera, announcing its March arrival. Dragonflies dance on a lily pad, a spring butterfly perches among beach plum blossoms, and informative notes add an educational dimension.

The calendar is dedicated to the late Vern Laux, that vibrant, enthusiastic, and inspiring birder who was a popular M.V. Times columnist.