Bridge results


At the Edgartown Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven on Dec. 12, 10 pairs competed. Finishing in first place were Kevin Carey and Carolyn Flynn, followed by Bea Phear and Mollie Whalen in second, Molly Mattoon and Judy Cronig in third, and Barbara Silk and Dave Donald in fourth place. Games begin at 1:15.

At the 7 pm Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven on Dec. 13, seven pairs competed in a special game. First place went to Dave Donald and Michel Riel, followed by Barbara Besse and Carol Whitmarsh in second place. Tied for third place were Barbara Silk, playing with Mollie Whalen, and Dotti Arnold, playing with Richard Williams.

At the 7 pm game on Dec. 15 at the Island Bridge Club, 11 pairs competed. First place went to Bea Phear and Barbara Silk, followed by Dave Donald and Rich Colter in second, and Mollie Whalen and Carol Whitmarsh in third. Tied for fourth place were Michael Lindheimer, playing with Ken Judson, and Sharon Pearson, playing with Margaret Hannemann.