Dec. 5, Linda T. Hobbs, individually and as Personal Representative of the estate of Joyce Christine Toland, a.k.a. Joyce Noble Toland, sold a lot off Moshup Trail to James F. Reynolds, trustee of Set Off Lot 95 Nominee Trust, for $225,000.

Dec. 9, Edward P. Childs Jr. and Elisabeth S. Kurylo sold 24 Old South Rd. to Geoffrey A. and Susan V. Kahn for $1,150,000.


Dec. 5, Christopher S. Yeomans and Robert C. Steinmetz, trustees of the Pineview Realty Trust, sold 18 Moses West Rd. to MV-Pineview-1 LLC for $5,000,000.

Dec. 5, Christopher S. Yeomans, trustee of 1998 Little House Realty Trust, and Frank S. Yeomans sold 86 Stonewall Rd. to CS-RE 1 LLC for $2,000,000.

Dec. 5, Douglas E. Seward, Davis A. Seward, and Nancy J. Ireland sold 11 Molly’s Way to Richard W. Brady, trustee of the Mary F. Brady Trust and the Credit Shelter Trust, for $685,000.


Dec. 6, Falcon Properties LLC sold 61 Clevelandtown Rd. to Susan Kline and Jeffrey Mullaney for $2,000,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 8, Leilani Zutrau sold a lot on Prospect Ave. to Eugene Erez for $227,500.

Dec. 8, Barbara Holden, Laura Thomas, and Roger Bamford, trustees of the Harry V. Bamford & Dorothea F. Bamford 1989 Living Trust, sold 38 Martha’s Park Rd. to Otis P. Jeffers 3rd and Rita Jeffers for $750,000.


Dec. 6, Scott F. and David G. Bermudes, Personal Representatives of the Nancy W. Bermudes estate, sold 13 Grimmett Way to Charles J. Blair IV and Bennett Coffey for $595,000.