REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: December 19 – 23, 2016



Dec. 19, Jonathan Lash and Peter Pratt, trustees of the Pratt Family Realty Trust, sold 128 Old Farm Rd. to Keith Snedeker and Rebecca Brewer for $1,475,000.


Dec. 19, Christopher T. and Louise L. Babb sold 5 Willow Run to William P. Callahan, Jr. and Kathryn J. Callahan for $835,000.

Dec. 21, Richard S. Binder sold 9 Katama Farm South to Katama South Holdings LLC for $1,300,000.

Dec. 21, Marc W. Cleary, Personal Representative of the estate of David Marc Cleary, a/k/a David M. Cleary, sold 25 Boylston Drive to John and Cynthia Magnuson for $290,000.

Dec. 21, Eniko Delisle sold 14 Pine Tree Lane, Unit 2A, to W. Brice Contessa for $325,000.

Dec. 22, Christopher S. Look, 3rd and Leslie A. Look sold 36 Bay View Ave., 37 Bay View Ave and 37 Wasque Ave. to Donna J. Morales and Joseph Morales for $600,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 23, George J. Tuccelli, individually and George J. Tuccelli, Jr., trustee of Louis A. Iacoviello Family Irrevocable Trust, George J. Tuccelli, Jr., trustee of the Elena M. Iacoviello Family Irrevocable Trust, and Louis A. Iacoviello and Elena M. Iacoviello, trustees of the Celia F. Tuccelli Irrevocable Trust, sold 29 Circuit Ave. to Dattas Inc. for $875,000.


Dec. 20, Stephen W. Jones and Sue Ellen Jones sold 420 Herring Creek Rd. to Michael D. Rapelyea and Jocelyn Rapelyea for $1,500,000.

Dec. 23, Abby H. Rosenthal sold 124 Kuffie’s Point Way to Gilbert N. Riley, Jr. and Yusun K. Riley for $1,350,000.

West Tisbury

Dec. 20, Janice Manter sold 122 Pond View Farm Rd. to Lewis and Sherri Wexler for $1,320,000.

Dec. 21, Ann M. Votta, f/k/a Ann M. Vincola, sold 179 Lambert’s Cove Rd. to Jordan B. and Brian F. Shaughnessy for $785,000.

Dec. 22, Daniel P. and Shelly A. Mayhew, trustees of the Mayhew West Tisbury Realty Trust, sold 142 Otis Bassett Rd. to Heritage Group Builders LLC for $300,000.