Certain clues you’re an Islander

  1. You refer to Europe as off-Island.
  2. A wild turkey is not a drink, it’s living in your backyard.
  3. You keep a couple of “doxies”* on hand, “just in case.”
  4. There’s only one Derby, and it’s not in Kentucky.
  5. You keep one pair of Carhartt’s for special occasions.
  6. You have three jobs.
  7. You take a ferry to go grocery shopping.
  8. Car wash? What’s a car wash?
  9. There’s always at least one warning light lit on your dashboard.
  10. You consider it normal to wait three months for a plumber.
  11. You have mice in your truck.
  12. You have a dog acupuncturist on speed dial.
  13. You pay no attention to a presidential motorcade whizzing by
  14. Seatbelt, what seatbelt?
  15. The mileage on your car could get you to the moon and back
  16. You think nothing of renting your house to total strangers every year.
  17. You have a son named Sengekontacket.
  18. You’ve used your clothes iron once since the 90’s — for a door stop
  19. Summer vacation? What summer vacation?
  20. Tick check.

* If you don’t know what “doxies” are, you’re definitely NOT an Islander.