Free trade and free press


To the Editor:

The general public is clearly confused. It’s pretty ugly, pretty cruel, when U.S. business elites act naturally in turning public opinion against free trade when capitalism with tax cuts for businesses will make the public rich. It is an open secret that freedom of speech can only be exercised by those who own or control the press. When communism collapses, democracy is the victor. It was beautifully painful when banks survived so much burdensome regulation and oversight in the financial collapse of 2008.

We are happy and sad that business as usual is driving civilization straight toward the Earth’s tipping point. It’s a definite maybe that burning fossil fuels — by humans alone and together — are members of the living dead. We are awfully lucky the tiny elephant’s worthless gold is not a black liquid or a lump of coal, but profit from a very small crowd, one that whispers aloud how amazingly awful everything is. They tell their story. They have only one choice. They must pay to receive. They do it alone and together. Their sweet agony comes from a heavy diet of liquid food, their fool’s gold.

The least favorite true myth, global equality/climate change, are our weird normal. The 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists are both right and wrong as they go up against the weak 3 percent who are amazingly awful and clearly confused, dark light, light darkness, they are all the same.

The only true myth: A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Peter Cabana