Important deadlines for town meetings

The General Laws of the Commonwealth (Title VII, Chapter 39: Municipal Government) determine the schedule for the steps leading up to town meeting. For instance, the last day to nominate someone for selectman is 51 days before each town election. The dates for various deadlines are provided in the accompanying table, but check with individual towns for deadline times on those days. Different town offices close at varying hours. Questions about these deadlines should be addressed to the town clerk.

The Town of Oak Bluffs has an extra set of deadlines because it has a water district. The following are the necessary deadlines to meet before the water district meeting. The last day: 1) to obtain nomination papers for the water district from the board of registrars is March 8; 2) to submit nomination papers for the water district to the board of registrars for certification is March 10; 3) to file nomination papers for the water district with the town clerk is March 24; and 4) the date and time of the water district meeting is April 11 at 6:30 pm.

Deadlines: Last day to ...AquinnahChilmarkWest TisburyTisburyOak BluffsEdgartown
Get an article on the warrantMarch 31January 4 (with appropriation); January 11(no appropriation)February 7; final language by February 21January 24 (annual); March 10 (special)February 17January 3
Obtain nomination papers from the Board of RegistrarsApril 5March 6February 21January 6 to March 21February 21February 21
Submit nomination papers to the Board of Registrars for certificationApril 5March 8February 23March 21February 23February 23
File nomination papers with the town clerkApril 5March 22March 9InternalMarch 9March 9
Object or withdraw (48 hours after filing deadline)April 7March 24March 11March 23March 11March 11
Register to vote for annual town meeting and annual town electionApril 19April 4; 2-4 pm / 7-8 pmMarch 22April 4March 22; 8 pmMarch 22
Post or publish the warrant for annual town meeting and annual town electionMay 2April 14April 4April 13-14 (post April 18)April 4April 4
Date of annual town meetingMay 9; 7 pmApril 24; 7:30 pmApril 11; 7 pmApril 25; 7 pmApril 11; 7 pmApril 11; 7 pm
Location of meetingOld Town HallChilmark Community CenterWest Tisbury SchoolTisbury School GymMVRHS Performing Arts CenterOld Whaling Church
Date of annual town electionMay 10; noon - 7 pmApril 26; noon - 8 pmApril 13May 9; noon - 8 pmApril 13; 10 am - 7 pmApril 13; 10 am - 7 pm
Location of electionTown Hall/Town OfficesChilmark Community CenterPublic Safety BuildingFire Station, 215 Spring St.Town Library meeting roomTown Hall