Max Moreis completes paramedic training


Max Moreis of Oak Bluffs, an emergency medical technician (EMT) of five years’ standing who has worked with all four Island ambulance services, has completed the Field Training and Evaluation Program with Pro EMS, and is now a fully certified paramedic, according to a press release. Mr. Moreis obtained his initial EMT certification while in high school. After graduating, he studied culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America, but quickly learned that being a chef would not satisfy his inclination to help others. With the aspiration of providing better patient care for those he encountered, Mr. Moreis attended Pro EMS Center for MEDICS for his paramedic classroom work in 2015. According to the release, Mr. Moreis is very excited to work in the prehospital setting, and plans to return to the classroom to continue his medical education. Mr. Moreis is a 2012 graduate of MVRHS, and the son of Martin Moreis and Angie Grant.