REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: January 23 – 27, 2017



Jan. 24, John L. Roglieri sold 3 & 5 Shepherds Path to Sarah T. Connolly, trustee of Second Row Nominee Realty Trust, for $6,225,000.

Jan. 25, Robert S. Skydell sold Lot 3B on Old Nursery Lane to Scott M. McDowell for $20,000


Jan 24, Shirley Searle, trustee of Shirley Searle Living Trust, sold 14 North Bog Rd. to Walter Alexander Morrison and Maggie Brogan Morrison for $484,000.

Jan. 25, Joseph C. Santangelo, trustee of 158 Katama Road Realty Trust, sold 158 Katama Rd. to TF Katama LLC for $1,176,000.

Jan. 26, Katama Acquisitions LLC sold 29 Kitts Field Circle to Kitts Field LLC for $650,000.

Jan. 27, Paul K. Donovan sold 50 Road to the Plains to James Davey and Lisa Davey for $1,432,500.

Jan. 27, Joseph E. and Elena M. Blatt sold 70 Norton Orchard Rd. to Brian J. and Lynn A. Murray for $687,500.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 23, Kevin D. Maciel and Penelope S. Maciel, n/k/a Penelope S. Steigleman, sold 48 Isaac Ave. to Kevin D. Maciel for $164,000.

Jan. 24, Annette Anthony and Walter S. Wlodyka sold 15 Upper Douglas Lane to Landlu LLC for $530,000.

Jan. 24, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold Lot 7, 16 Paddock Rd. to DHC Holdings MV LP for $750,000.

Jan. 25, Carol K. Carey sold a 1/3 undivided interest in 8 Calves Pasture Lane to Margaret Klugman for $300,000.


Jan. 27, Annemarie Cullen sold a lot on Ferro Way to Janet and Matthew McLean for $225,000.

Jan. 27, Carolyn Corse and Linda Piasecki, trustees of the Stanton H. Bryden Trust and as personal representatives of the estate of Stanton H. Bryden, a/k/a Howard Bryden Stanton Jr., sold a lot on Main St. to South Mountain Co, Inc. for $762,500.

Jan. 27, South Mountain Co., Inc. sold a lot on Main St. to the Unitarian Universalist Society of Martha’s Vineyard for $175,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 25, Charles W. Bowman and Susan C. Bowman sold 180 Pine Hill Rd. to Sherry Kagan Segal for $870,000.