REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: Jan. 30 – Feb. 3, 2017



Feb. 1, Vicki Broscheit, trustee of Blue Stem Realty Trust, sold a lot off Moshup Trail to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of Aquinnah Lot 513 Realty Trust, for $75,000.

Feb. 1, Charles C. Hajjar, trustee of Sunset Way Realty Trust, sold Lot 3B, 3 Sunset Way to Mark N. Fortier and Rena Chase Fortier for $2,475,000.


Jan. 30, Anne Rudner sold 211 and 211B Middle Rd. to Stephen A. Bernier and Constance L. Messmer for $1,112,500.

Feb. 2, Clark M. Goff, Jr., Ingrid Goff Maidoff, and Heather B. Goff sold a lot on Marion’s Way to Clark M. and Pamela S. Goff, trustees of Tea Lane Realty Nominee Trust, for $450,000.


Jan. 31, Luke G. and Nancy E. Meekins sold 36 Forest Ave. and 81 East Cape Poge Ave. to Todd D. Goodell for $189,900.

Jan. 31, Thaxter House LLC sold 77 Cooke St. to David L. Pallet, trustee of David L. Pallett Qualified Personal Resident Trust “B”, for $2,300,000.

Feb. 2, Nils G. Leaf sold an undivided 50% interest in 284 Upper Main St. to Timothy McHugh for $150,000.

Feb. 2, Sari Lipkin sold Unit 24 of 29 Winter St. to Annata LLC for $250,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 30, Eric S. Strauss, Robert M. Strauss, Russell L. Strauss, and Deborah Kay Strauss sold 63 Webster St. to Joseph L. Woodin for $1,175,000.

Jan. 31, Edward L. Francis, Jr. and Deborah A. Francis sold 60 Towanticut Ave. to Cheyenne D. Fulmore and Cheryl H. Dix for $508,000.

Jan. 31, Heritage Group Builders LLC sold 59 Linton Ave. to Howard E. and Cove J. Davis for $779,000.


Jan 31, Alberta S. Scaldeferri, f/k/a Alberta Simpson, sold a lot on Shubael Weeks Path to Emma N. Young for $290,000.

Feb. 2, Equity Trust Co., successor in interest to Sterling Trust Co. For the Benefit Of Helen Stephenson, and Helen Stephenson individually, sold 101 Midland Ave. to Mule Capital LLC for $450,000.

Feb. 2, Patricia F. King sold 2 Bumpy Rd. to John and Melanie Oliver for $410,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 31, Todd Goodell sold 29 Nip & Tuck Lane to Alec and Elizabeth Gale for $600,000.

Feb. 1, Judith A. Fisher sold 50 Pine Lane to Kevin N. Mabie for $727,500.