By Linda Bergeron Freedman

Well the holidays have ended and things are put away

It’s way too cold outside for the children to play

The wind and the cold visits us again

Mr. Winter’s time is about to begin

Spending time with the other children inside

Doing puzzles or playing a game let’s hide

Hearing all the old stories as we were told

To youngsters’ ears the words will hold

No TV or cell not even a light

Due to the power failure in the middle of the night

Candles and matches and flash of light

Is seeing our pathway safely so bright

Get out the sweaters and light the fire

Watching the flames dance higher and higher

Wrapped up in the blanket feeling so warm

Being safe and dry and riding out the storm

Born and raised here, Linda Bergeron Freedman works as special aide at the Center for Living and Supportive Day Program. She loves her job there.