REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: February 6 – 10, 2017



Feb. 8, Jay F. Theise, trustee of West End Realty Trust, sold One Homestead Way to Nancy Klion for $1,000,000.


Feb. 10, Stephen A. and Kerry J. Taylor sold 24 Sheep Hill Rd. to Lawrence T. Weiss and Charlene F. Baker-Weiss for $1,700,000.


Feb. 8, Linda Jean Turner, trustee of Wilbur Investment Trust, sold 2 Edgewood Dr. to Henry Parent for $289,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 10, Amanda Berninger sold 3 Kims Way to Staffarita LLC for $382,000.

Feb. 10, William R. 0and Helen S. Bryan sold 40 Munroe Ave. to William Potter and Kerry Quinlan-Potter for $400,000.

Feb. 10, Marc N. Hanover and Toni White Hanover sold 21 Iron Hill Rd. to Rori E. Peters for $1,325,000.

Feb. 10, Judith Ann Hunter, Fay Marinelli, Beverly Tucker, Gail Landers and June Ferreira sold 1 Paulding Ave. to Michael John Pratts, Jr. for $489,000.


Feb. 6, Mark S. Hurwitz and Susan Puciul sold 322 State Rd. to Ocean Breeze MV Bedding Inc. for $755,000.