Capitalism is the opiate of the elite


To the Editor:

One can say definitively and without hesitation that efforts such as Vineyard House and the use of Suboxone to reduce opiate addiction on Martha’s Vineyard will fail for one simple reason: They are designed to fail by the very people who design our society, and thus the opiate problem itself. Addicts, like immigrants, people of color, and the poor, serve as a very important deterrent to those seeking to free themselves from the machinations of this design, and thus perpetuate a centuries-old and efficient reinforcement of the status quo. All we need to do is look toward history or employ simple empirical examination to understand the problem or foresee its solution.

For a historical understanding, we need only look at Hong Kong and the British use of drugs to subvert a culture into depending upon capitalism and trade, and for an empirical understanding we need only look to Scandinavia and its near eradication of drug use through societal transformation.  

Opiates come to the Island from far away because they are brought here intentionally by the very people who have turned this, the wealthiest country in the world, into the one where people suffer the most severe form of poverty. The opiates come from Afghanistan, from Laos, and from other countries occupied by a public military which serves private interests.

There are opiates which some of us need to get off of, and there is one that all of us need to get off of: corporate capitalism.

Marc Lawson