For the Steamship Authority, 2016 was a very good year


Steamship Authority traffic to and from the Vineyard and Nantucket rose significantly in 2016 in every measured category, compared with the year before.

Vineyard passengers, 2,466,757 total, rose 3.4 percent from totals for 2015. Automobile traffic rose 4.1 percent. That’s 415,543 vehicles. And trucks increased a whopping 5.2 percent to 132,000.

For Nantucket, total passengers, 660,547, were up 2.4 percent for 2016 over 2015 totals. Autos, 67,156, were up 1.7 percent, and trucks, totaling 50,514, rose 6.7 percent.

Steamship Authority traffic statistics represent one-way trips, so a round-trip passage counts as two.

Among private carriers, Hy-Line carried the greatest number of passengers, 586,253, and experienced the greatest increase in business, 11.8 percent.