29th F.A. Science Fair 2017 award winners

Noah Glasgow of Chilmark wins first place for the middle school, and the Robert B. Gordon Award. Courtesy Amy Galvam.

Martha’s Vineyard students were among the winners this year at the 2017 Falmouth Academy Science Fair. According to a press release, junior Charlie Fenske of Edgartown (with partner Théo Guérin of Falmouth) won second prize for designing a more efficient airborne wind-energy system (AWES) that boosts electrical energy generation. Last year Charlie won first place and received the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scholarship, and Théo won the first-place MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory) award.

Rocketeer Charlie Fenske of Martha’s Vineyard also went on to win the coveted Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award for engineering innovation at the international Google Science Fair this

past September.

Eighth grader Noah Glasgow from Chilmark won the top middle school prize for his work to lessen food-borne illnesses by manipulating the concentration of cheese culture applied to contaminated cheese to see if it reduced the amount of bad bacteria.

Freshman Lukas Fenske, brother of Charlie, was awarded third place overall for designing and creating a new configuration of impulse turbines which make the blades spin faster, thus increasing efficiency.