Hy-Line docks in Edgartown for the first time in almost 60 years

The Hy-Line ferry, shown here entering Edgartown harbor, has postponed two runs today. – Stacey Rupolo

On Tuesday morning, the Hy-Line Grey Lady cut through the cold damp water of the Edgartown harbor and pulled up to Memorial Wharf. The trial run was in preparation for a route that will be offered for Christmas in Edgartown service December. The boat left the Oak Bluffs harbor a few minutes after 10 am and docked in Edgartown just before 10:30. The maiden voyage was scheduled to ensure the vessel would fit at Memorial Wharf without issue.

The Hy-Line will be offering service from Hyannis to Edgartown for Christmas in Edgartown on December, 8, 9, and 10. This is the first time such a service has been offered since 1960.

The project was headed by Mark Snider of the Winnetu Hotel, the Edgartown Board of Trade, and Hy-Line to make it easier for people on the Cape to attend Christmas in Edgartown festivities. After disembarking in Edgartown, Sydney Mullen of the Edgartown Board of Trade told The Times that she felt “ excited and optimistic” about the project.

The ferry will run three times each day, once in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.