Beach apartheid


To the Editor:

I waited a week to write this letter because I really did think that someone from West Tisbury would have had the courage to reply to my last letter regarding public beach access in their town. On the same topic, I take issue with the editorial in The Times from Feb. 22 titled “Fragile social contract.” This is a quote from it: “It’s that we’ve landed in a community which provides each of us with pretty wide personal latitude while also nourishing particular pride in how lavishly we care for one another.”

The fact that the town of West Tisbury denies public walk-on access to Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park, makes the quote from the editorial pure poppycock. Over the past few years I’ve written many letters to The Times on this topic, eviscerating the editorials of the past two editors. This recent editorial follows the lead of the past two editors. Hopefully, the obvious correction will be made, so we don’t have to be lectured about “the Island community.” Or better yet, how about an editorial regarding the injustice of West Tisbury’s exclusive town beach policies? Either way, silence is my validation; end beach apartheid.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs