Dairy Queen now open


It was a chilly 28 degrees in Edgartown on Thursday afternoon, but that didn’t stop a wave of children (and some adults) from lining up out the door of Dairy Queen on their opening day of 2017.

At 2 pm the door opened on a line of smiling faces, mostly high school students, and the crowd continued to ebb and flow for the remainder of the afternoon. Around 3 pm, students from the Edgartown school rushed over for a spot in line.

Paige Poge kept her order classic with a vanilla cone with sprinkles. She enjoyed her ice cream outside at the picnic table with her friend Daniel Ravard, who ordered an Oreo Blizzard. “It’s a little bit cold, but it was worth it,” Paige said.

After running nearly the whole way from the Edgartown school to Dairy Queen, Julia Murray had a big grin on her face when she grabbed her Oreo Blizzard from the counter. “We definitely earned this,” she said.

Dairy Queen co-owner Erika Bettencourt was behind the counter taking orders, and barely had a moment to spare for a side conversation. She did share that they usually go through 75 gallons of ice cream on their opening day. What a way to start the season.