You may say he’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one


To the Editor:
These days there is so much going on to cause fear, worry, anger. It’s so easy to feel hopeless about our personal, national, and global future. But every so often, something happens to remind us that kindness and humanity still exist.

Last Saturday I stopped to get some lunch at Fella’s in West Tisbury. I was waiting for my soup. The attentive woman working that day was helping a quite challenged customer with his order. He seemed confused and overwhelmed. But she was respectful and helpful, and they finally made a choice together.

As he waited, another customer, a tall, well-dressed, middle-aged man, quietly walked over to the first man and asked him if he had money. The man said No, he didn’t. “I got this,” he told him, and then proceeded to engage him in a conversation.

I was not only deeply touched by this compassionate, kind act, but reminded that when we ask these days, “What can I do?” that this might be a very good place to begin.

As John Lennon asked so many years ago … “Imagine.” Imagine the difference we can make, every day, by simply reaching out with kindness, empathy, and respect.

Judy Hartford
Oak Bluffs